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Bak Chang (aka Dumplings)

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The Dumpling festival (aka 端午节 “Duan Wu Jie”) is almost here and you can start seeing shops hang out dumplings of every possible flavor for sale.  There are several legends where this festival was based on, but I am only familiar with 1, since I grew up with that.  So here it is:

Qu Yuan was a descendant of the Chu royal house (in the ancient state of Chu, in the Warring States Period of the Zhou Dynasty) and served in high offices. However, when the king decided to ally with the increasingly powerful state of Qin, Qu was banished for opposing the alliance. Qu Yuan was accused of treason. During his exile, Qu Yuan wrote a great deal of poetry, for which he is now remembered. Twenty-eight years later, Qin conquered the capital of Chu. In despair, Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.  The local people, who admired him, threw lumps of rice into the river to feed the fish so that they would not eat his body.

So there you have it.  There are other legends as well, so if you’re interested, go search Wikipedia.  But the point of this whole blog is to introduce how to make the dumplings.  As mentioned earlier, there are many flavors our there today, but nothing beats the good old “Nonya Dumpling” that my grandmother so painstaking makes each time.  This year, I decided that I was going to learn how to make it.

Raw ingredients


Other raw ingredients: glutinous rice, pandan leaves


Oil, sugared melon, salt, pepper, corinader powder and dark soy sauce

Now that the raw ingredients are ready, it’s time to cook the meat mixture:

First, fry the onions until they turn golden brown


Next, fry the meat, mushrooms, sugar melon and onions with the condiments.


You’re almost half way there =)

Now, let’s clean up the leaves by washing and boiling them


Next, get the pandan essence to add to the rice


You are now 80% done.  The last 20% is probably the toughest, but also the most fun!  I will take you through it slowly:





Tie it and it’s Done….Finally…


Steam these babies and they’ll be ready in 1 hour.  Enjoy =)


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One thought on “Bak Chang (aka Dumplings)

  1. The most difficult part of making these dumplings was wrapping the dumplings and making sure that there were no gaps that will allow the glutinous rice to fall out during the cooking process. Well, maybe it’s really because I’m not that quick with picking up the skills, or it could just very well be that I’m slow with my hands. In any case, I found the wrapping an uphill task. The entire process was surreal…sitting/squatting on small stools with my grandmother and my mother, chatting, laughing and bonding over the wrapping of dumplings…the experience brought me back to the past, where life is not so hectic, Singapore was not as developed, people just bonding over simple things (of course my knowledge of this is really based on the TV programs that I’d watched on tele). The best part of it all, was listening to my grandmother speak of her life’s experience? Nothing beats that! …I love listening to old folks talk about their lives. Maybe it gives me a glimpse of the kind of life that I’ll like to share with my grandchildren in future.

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