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Family Tree Cake

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My grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday on Vesak Day and what is a birthday without a cake?

While many people order their cakes from restaurants, pastry chefs, my family is lucky enough to have an avid baker who is constantly challenged to up her pastry skills.  This time, I challenged my mother to decorate a Family-tree cake for my grandmother and that was exactly what she did.

Since my grandmother married to a Chong, the Family-Tree consisted of the Chongs – meaning, all my grandmother’s 8 daughter and 1 son (my uncle), and my uncle’s family (wife and 4 children/grandchildren to my grandmother).  So that’s a lot of people or faces in the family to include on the cake. Nothing too difficult for my mother…so here’s the cake that she bakes:


This is just the decorations.  Wait till you hear what the inside of the cake is made up of:  2 layer fresh strawberry with fresh cream!  What better cake can anyone get?  Happy Birthday Ah Poh! Hope you love your cake bcause I think it’s wonderful!

Oh did I mention that we do take orders for cake?  If interested, please email for more information =)


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