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Elise’s birthday party

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I am extremely excited that Elise’s birthday is just a few days away.  Since last week, I’ve been busy trying to think of what I can do to help leave an impression with the kids – yes I know they’re only 3 years old, but this is THE first birthday that I’m planning for my daughter and I really have no clue what to do with the children…for 3 hours! The thing is, we don’t have many toys at home (because we don’t believe in buying too many toys for the children), and a lot of our activities involve going to the great outdoors, like biking, running, fishing (it’s usually the father who fishes and not the kids), swimming, etc.  So you see my anxiety.

Nonetheless, with my “Great book of activities” and some imagination, I’ve come up with a great plan for her birthday!

Kid’s Play:

1)      Baker’s Clay (This is equivalent to play dough) – mould & paint

Most kids love to play with play-dough, so why not let them play with dough that could be baked and thereafter, they can paint it and bring home?

2)      Puzzle hunt


I love treasure hunt, although the kids are only 3 years old, I’m sure they’ll be happy to see the puzzle pieces scattered around the house (which they could pick) and then put the puzzle together.  I mean, Elise loves puzzle, so I can’t imagine that her classmates don’t!  And of course, they’ll have a picture of the puzzle already in hand (the doorgifts) so putting the puzzles together won’t be any trouble at all.

All the puzzles are colour-coded, with the pictures and colour of puzzles on the face of the door-gift (goodie packs).  Unlike most parties, where the children get the goodie-bag at the end, I’ve decided that I’ll give it to them when they arrive.  In fact, the kids get to select which pictures they’ll like…so there should be no reason why they would not like to do the puzzle!

3)      Customized clothes peg

Initially, I decided on having ball play at the party, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve decided to scrap that thought and have the children customize their own clothes peg.  They can colour it, and then I’ll help put the letters of their names on the pegs using the alphabet marcaroni. Hopefully this will be fun.  I know I’m looking forward to helping the kids out.  Not sure about the kids though.

4)      Water Play

Nothing beats water play.  I just hope the weather holds up for the kids to play water.  Otherwise, it would be a dampener.  Oh that reminds me…I do need to have alternative plans should the water play not work out.  It’ll be the last game since all the kids would end up being wet and cold? Oh…I really hope for good weather on Saturday!

5) Door-gift/Goodie-bag

Maybe a better name for this is really party-pack, because personally, I’m not a big fan of sweets…so there are no sweets in the bag (that’s why it can’t be a goodie-bag).  Instead, I’ve put in the bags useful things that the children can play with:

They get a wooden puzzle (they can learn about shapes and colours), a ball, a colourful pencil, an ink chop (that can only praise) and a bottle of bubbles!  When they head home, they’ll have alot more things: baked dough (that hopefully they’ll colour), a puzzle (which they can also colour) and a customised clothes peg.  Hopefully the kids will enjoy themselves.

Hopefully, you’ll have as much fun planning your kid’s birthday party as I did.  I do hope that I did not overly plan this.  But I certainly had tons of fun! If only my job was as interesting as this ;p



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One thought on “Elise’s birthday party

  1. Ok…I admit it. I overplanned. Children at the age of 3 reallt don’t need much planning to keep them occupied. As long as there are things around, they can pretty much entertain themselves. So what did the kids do yesterday?

    1) Puzzle

    Almost all of them were keen to do the puzzle that was in their party pack. It was a very challenging puzzle that stumped my husband and I. No doubt it’s a puzzle for both adults and kids. Elise and her classmate was busy at it a good proportion of the time. Looks like it’s not a bad buy afterall.

    2) Baker’s clay

    As much as I was hoping that they actually made something so that I could have baked it for them, they were sufficiently contented to just play the dough and then move on to something else.

    3) Paint

    They were each given a paper plate to paint on and I’ve got to say that it kept them occupied for a good 30 mins! Amazing

    4) Sand/Water play

    I didn’t think that our run-down sand pit would be any fun to play with, bur it did keep the children occupied for some time, and in the end, they were happy to shuttle between the sand pit and the children’s dip pool. Of course, given the bad weather yesterday, none of the children were allowed to waddle in the pool – which was a huge disappointment to ALL of them, but no choice really. I didn’t want anyone to fall sick. So it was out of bounds for all of them, except when they used the pool to wash their hands or scope water to bring to the sand pit.

    All in all, the kids kept themselves busy. The adults just sat around and chatted about stuff – where to get party toys, sweets etc etc… I’d say…it was a fun time! I’m definitely looking forward to more play dates! It will be good for both kids and adults =)

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