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Lady’s finger plant 1

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I’ve taken up a new hobby.  Well, it’s not really a new hobby since I’ve always been interested in planting vegetables.  The only problem is that I’ve got no time to do so!  Heck…how many of us really have time to meddle around the garden once you’ve got kids?  None!

Anyway, I planted some lady’s finger seeds and for the very first time, I saw the flower of the lady’s finger plant.

The picture of the lady’s fingers look so much better at night!

I’m now a proud mother of 6 babies…2 walking toddlers and 4 beautiful lady’s finger fruits!  Aahhh…the wonders and delight of planting!  However, my pleasures did not last long when I was told that my lady’s finger plant was diseased…look at my poor leaves


I was also told that I had to spray insecticide to protect the plant.  I’ve always been a natural…meaning, if I can do away with chemicals, I”ll take it up.  Afterall, I really don’t want to be consuming pesticide.  But, in my situation, it’s more important to safe the plant than to let “nature” take its course.  So off I went to the “garden” to get some of the pest killer.

The trip to the garden was extrememly fruitful.  These are some tips I’d learnt:

1) Once the lady’s finger plant had bore fruits, it’ll die
2) Protect the plant so that it can bear fruits for you (duh! you may say…but I was so adamant to not use any pesticide that I just left the plant)
3) Once you’ve sprayed insecticide, DO NOT harvest the fruits for at least 2 weeks!  Else you will really be consuming pesticide!
4) Use gloves when spraying the insecticide, because it’s really bad for the skin, if absorbed.
5) Once the lady’s finger grows to a certain length, it’s considered “old” (duh! you may say again…well, it’s my virgin attempt at planting lady’s fingers, so I was just leaving it to grow to the max.)

Anyway, I’ll update all on the effects of spraying insecticide on the leaves.  Hopefully it’ll save the plants so that we have more fruits in time to come.

Have you started planting your own vegetables yet?  It is hell fun when you see the vege sprouting!


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