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Chocolate Cake

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Everyone likes a good chocolate cake.  However, I have not found many good chocolate cakes around.  I heard that Lana chocolate cake is to die for, but have not tried it myself.  Of those that I’ve tried, I used to think that Awfully Chocolate’s cake was one of the better ones.   But after I’d tried my mother’s chocolate cake, no cake has come close.  I’m saying this not because my mother baked the cake, but more because her cake is not TOO sweet!  Those cakes that you but from the cake shops tend to be 1) way to sweet (leaving you craving for a glass of water after eating it); 2) way too much cream (I think they should change the term cake to cream…like Chocolate Cream cake).

The good thing about this homemade chocolate cake is that it’s not too sweet, you actually do have cake to eat (since the cake is not slabbed with tons of cream), the cake is moist and lastly you can go for a second helping!!!  These are the requirements of a good chocolate cake.

The cake shown here is a prelude to the chocolate cake that would be baked for my cousin’s wedding in York, UK.


Yum is just the word to describe it!


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