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Sowing Kang Kong seeds

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My next quest, to grow kang kong.  Kang Kong is one of those vegetables that will forever remain in my “have to eat once in a while” category.  I love the crunchiness of the stem and when cooked in balachan, the taste is impeccable!

I found this styrofoam box outside my house, by the palm tree.  It was the perfect size to grow some vegetables!

Day 3 – Kang Kong shoots

Some pointers for using such boxes to grow vegetables:

1) Ensure there are sufficient holes at the bottom to enable excess water to drain off. Soil kept in these containers cannot be constantly “wet” or “drowned”
2) Have a good mix of soil type – the area around my house is filled pack with clay, so I mixed the clay with burnt soil and garden soil (as advised by the gardener).
3) Fertilise the soil after planting the seeds – this I did this in the hope that the fertiliser will provide the necessary nutrients that the seed will need (should it not get sufficient nutrients from my mixed soil)
4) Break up the soil so that there are less “clumps” of soil together.  I failed to do this with clay (as you can see from the picture above), but let’s hope this will not impede the kang kong’s growth.

For fear that my beautiful sprouting Kang Kong would be attacked by pests, I’ve started spraying crushed garlic water on them to “protect” them.  Hope this works.  We’ll see what happens in a couple of days.

The leaves of the Kang Kong are so intriguing!


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