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First Kang Kong harvest

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It has been 1 month since I planted the Kang Kong seeds and my plants are doing extremely well!!!  With plenty of sunlight and water, the Kang Kong plants has fully stretched out.  I have since harvested small quantities of Kang Kong for my children’s meals.  Of course it is still not ready to feed the family, but at least my children had been given the opportunity to have organic Kang Kong.  I’m so excited!  Previously, when I checked on my plants, I noticed there were many ants on the plant as well as the soil.  So I minced up my unused garlic, soaked it in water and watered my Kang Kong plants.  That certainly helped reduce the number of ants in my soil =)

I’ve decided to dedicate more garden space to my Kang Kong.  Hopefully by then end of August, I’ll be able to have at least 1 organic vege dish on the table!  Have you grown yours yet?

Next up, I’m planning to grow some cucumber.  I heard that Asian cucumbers are easy to grow…and not too susceptible to pests.  Lets see how well that brings me =)


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