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Kang Kong Pests – Grasshoppers

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My garden has a new visitor – GRASSHOPPERS.  These insects can be very fun to look at (especially for the kids), but seriously they’re EVIL since they are feasting on my Kang Kong plants!  Damn those insects!  Now, my kang kong shoots are hole-ly…thankfully, I found these pests early and only a couple of the leaves had been devoured by them.  Eager to get rid of these visitors, I quickly prepared a handful of garlic bulbs.  I was happily chopping up my garlic bulbs when something smart popped into my head.  Who knows if garlic really has an effect on grasshoppers?  I might as well google it and see what is the best way of getting rid of grasshoppers, the eco-friendly friendly way.  Lo and behold, tons of websites were found.  I was told that I could rear ducks, chickens and even guinea pigs.  These animals love grasshoppers apparently.  Wow…won’t it be amazing if I can go to the wet market and buy a dozen of each?  Yes…maybe the dead ones.

Anyway…at the end of the website, I found a really nice and easy way of getting rid of grasshoppers – using ordinary all-purpose flour (PLAIN flour).  Not other types of flour – the reason being other types of flour contains salt which might not be good for the plants – only plain flour.  It appears that

“when grasshoppers (or any other chewing insects such as blister beetles) feed on foliage that have been dusted with flour, their mouths get all gummed up, and  the grasshopper cannot eat any more.  Furthermore, when they swallow a whole lot of this flour, they get sick and stop eating all together.”
FromGet Rid Of Grasshoppers The Eco-Friendly Way” (

So perfect.  Given that I bake all the time, plain flour is easily available.  Off I went sprinkling all my Kang Kong leaves with plain flour…

Hopefully my Kang Kong shoots will see the light of day soon.  Farewell my grasshopper friends.  May you find greener pastures =).



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