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Kang Kong Pests – Whiteflies

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Yes, my harvest of Kang Kong is getting a lot more.  It’s almost double the last harvest!  And thus far, they are still organically planted =)

So it seems that Kang Kong attracts a good many other friends such as aphids (oh..these are evil), whiteflies and caterpillars.  Grasshoppers are not even on the list and I’ve already one ardent grasshopper fan!  I’ve also noticed whiteflies around my kang kong this afternoon when I was pruning my Kang Kong for dinner.  Oh boy…another pest to handle.  These pests just never stop visiting my garden…and I’m really not keen on using insecticide!  Of course I’m into organic planting, but seriously, if I have to use it, I might just relent to getting a huge bottle of pesticide to get rid of all pests once and for all!

Again, I resorted to my good ol’ friend for rescue and found that YELLOW plastic bottles with oil does help get rid of whiteflies.  I’ve already planted several yellow plastic caps filled with oil and hopefully, they’ll start to trap the whiteflies soon.  If I can get rid of the whiteflies and grasshoppers soon, my kang kong will really flourish and blossom…oh I can’t wait!


A few days later, gone are the whiteflies and look what I found…

The yellow plastic cap contained oil and it’s filled with specks of dead flies (no longer white but black).  Isn’t this interesting?  Kudos to all those who care to share this information online!  Thanks so much for providing such useful information.  I will pass it on =).  As interesting as this may sound, when I went to the Nursery and asked the gardeners there on how to tackle the issues with the whiteflies, they just offered me pesticide.  When I rejected her offer on that, she went to the shelves and offered me another bottle and said…”how about ORGANIC pesticide”.  Hmm..aren’t they one and the same?  Maybe online is still a better option when trying to be as pesticide free as possible.


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