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Growing Luffa/Cucumber

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A more common name for this fruit is Si Gua (丝瓜).   is a wonderful vegetable, when cooked with egg, the vegetable dish just blows you away! While at the nursery, buying cucumber seeds, I saw packets of Luffa seeds and thought “hey, that’ll be nice to plant too!” So here they are in my garden…=)  The interesting thing about the luffa leaves is that while the main leaves are rounded, the third leave is jagged.  Interestingly, the leaves of the cucumber are very similar to that of the luffa, only difference is that it’s longer, rather that rounded.

People say that cucumbers need plenty of calcium for good growth.  This makes the egg shells come to good use.  Afterall, I do use at least 5 eggs each time I make my ice cream.  So the white stuff that you see around the plants are blended egg shells that had been washed clean.    Let’s hope the plants grow well and we’ll be able to harvest yummy luffa and cucumbers!  I can’t wait…


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