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Rice Candy (in Hainanese, it’s called Hou Gong)

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I remembered these wonderful snacks were always available at my grandmother’s house…their ginger-y sweetness and crunchy texture was always a delight to the adults and kids alike.  In Hainanese, we call it “hou gong”.  When translated, it resembles rice candies.  However, this rice candy is very different from the other rice candies that you find.  This contains rice (of course), peanuts and sesame seeds.  This is a popular snack in China, hence my dad’s love for it.  During my growing up years, I frequently have this snack too…so much so that now I’m older, I crave and yearn to be able to make these rice candies on my own.  My grandmother is a genius at making these.  She used to make it about twice a week, hence we were never short of rice candy supply.  However, as the years go by, she stopped making it – birds were eating away at our rice (when we dry out the rice under the sun), people were more health conscious and were not eating as much as they used to…etc etc etc.  Today, I’ve pestered her to teach me how to make this wonderful Hainanese snack again.  And boy am I glad!




Mix them all together and you’ll get:



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