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Kang Kong Flower

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Now that I’ve harvested my Kang Kong, I see a beautiful flower and a little bud ready to show off it’s beauty to the world.  For those who have never seen a Kang Kong flower, here you go =).  It’s really plain (just like the plant), but the white flower stands out clearly from the green leaves surrounding it. Based on what I’d read, once the flowers appear, that means that the Kang Kong is ready to “reproduce”, since the flowers will produce seeds that can be used for the next round of planting!


I’ve also learnt other tricks about planting Kang Kong that I’ll be trying out.  I so can’t wait to try all these new tricks!  Oh gardening is so much fun!  I’m glad that all these gardening efforts is rubbing off the kids.  They’re helping out with watering the plants, putting fertiliser, even digging (of course all in the name of fun).  I do hope that they’ll enjoy gardening when they grow up.  I mean, how many people have the joys of watching their plants grow and benefit from eating their produce?  I’m glad I can part of this group =)

Planting aside, I noticed a phenomenon that really surprised me.  Kang Kong are creepers!!! Look at these Kang Kong plants that I grew directly in the ground…


As you can tell, the Kang Kong is completely unlike what we’re used to…stems branching out from the main stalk, just like a normal bush-like plant.  This Kang Kong is like a weed!  It creeps up other plants and is skinny without the thick crunchy stems that we’re used to.  For a while, I thought they were weeds!  Gosh…this is a great enlightening moment for me!  Are you just as shocked as I am?


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