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Chocolate Wedding Cake

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I have been down and out for as long as I can remember…I hate the feeling of nausea and being incapacitated…it makes me feel useless.  My face is devoid of smiles these days.  Thankfully, news of a surprise “wedding” came and that definitely brought a little smile to my listless face.  For a short (and I mean real short) moment, I actually felt some excitement in my fatigue and groggy body.  My mum has been tasked with baking a wedding cake for the surprise party and I had a brief moment of helping her design the cake.  Well, of course the ardous task of actually making it lies in her hands, all I did was to suggest some shapes and words…not too difficult for a weak mind and body of mine.  For a brief second, I felt like the “Cake Boss” on TLC.  It’s fun doing such things…more fun than staring at the computer trying to get some analyses to run for sure.  But then again, I’m not the one actually baking, so I can’t be too adventurous with the idea too.

It turned out wonderful…although I can’t say that the success is mine, but hey, I did provide some brain work right?  Can I claim say 5% of the success?  I sure hope so.  And I sure hope that the couple will like the cake as much as I’d enjoyed coming up with the idea.

Congratulations to my dearest cousin!  You deserve such happiness.  You two are the sweetest, funniest and hippiest couple I know. =) May God bless this union and we’ll see little Chars and Sols running around soon =).


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