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Pumpkin Flowers

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The pumpkin plant has been sitting in my vegetable patch for the longest time, and all I see is a patch of green.  Well, that’s not necessary a bad thing, since it does provide some greenery to my house.

Interestingly, the flowers of the pumpkin plant is very similar to that of the cucumber plant.  I suppose the similarity lies in the fact that both plants are climbers?  Perhaps you might have a better reasoning for why the flowers are so similar.  The only difference is in the shape of the petals.  The pumpkin flower has a more rounded petal, whereas the cucumber flower has slightly longish petals!  But in terms of the flower design, they are so similar.  It’s really hard to tell them apart.


My only wish for the pumpkin plant, is that it’ll be able to fruit.  That will be a wonderful christmas gift =).


Author: bugswana

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