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Cucumber beauty

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All the cucumbers that are sold in the markets are more or less similar – they’re all straight, longish gourds.  But take a look at my garden grown cucumber… the moment I saw it, it reminded me of a baby in mummy’s arms.  The way the cucumber is curled up is just amazing.  This is the beauty of planting your own vegetables/fruits/flowers.  They’re just so different from what you see in the marketplace.  Gone are the standardised shapes of the vegetables and fruits. You really see the beauty of nature.

I wish my kids can appreciate the garden more.  Unlike kids in western societies, I find that our children are too caught up with technology.  I have a small but wonderful garden for them to play in, but they still prefer watching Barney or playing with the husband’s iPhone.  What a pity.  The space we have is a lot more than our fellow Singaporeans…yet…sigh.  I have to start getting them interested in working around the garden.  For starters, let me go get tools their size: watering cans, spades, gloves, etc.   Hopefully these will be the start to a different lifestyle for them…

More pictures of the cute cucumber of mine:



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