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Chicken soup

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As much as I love this time of the year, some things really get me down.  It’s been raining the entire day (and I mean the entire day with perhaps a 30 min break in between) and it feels like the sky is crying for someone it holds so dearly to its heart.  The rain, sometimes light and fleeting, reminds me of the snowy days in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Other times (the ones that I dread most) is when the rain pours in heavy buckets.  It bascially leaves you no choice but to stay indoors, because the moment you step out, you’ll be completely drenched.  Today, the rain fall has a mix of both the above.  It makes me just want to stay in bed and have a nice cup of hot chocolate… Only…

Anyway, dinner still has to be served to the little ones and the big hungry husband, so I ramaged the refrigerator and found a half-cooked whole chicken that my relatives brought in from China (yes they visited us a couple of weeks ago and the chicken has been sitting cold in the freezer).  I figured such weather will warrant a simple meal – Chicken soup.  I gathered some celery, carrot and the good ol’ chicken to make my quick-dish chicken soup.  It’s so simple, that a busy person like yourself and surely make within 30 mins and have it served.  Well, whether the kids will like it it’s another story, but I’m certainly looking forward to the soup to warm my soul.

Soul-warming Chicken Soup

1/2 chicken
3 sticks of celery
11/2 carrots
1 bulb of garlic
rock sugar (only if you run out of onions like me)
fish sauce
Spring onions (garnish)


1. De-skin your chicken (not completely, but as much as possible), else your soup will be very oily!!!

2. Place the chicken into a pot, together with the chopped celery and diced carrots.  Fill the pot with water until all ingredients are covered with water.  Bring to a boil before lowering the heat to a simmer.

3. Simmer the soup for 2 hours.  Add in the garlic and onions (if you’re using onions instead of the rock sugar).  Continue to simmer the soup.  I like my chicken really soft and tender, so I tend to boil the mixture for a long
time.  However, if you like to have some bite to your chicken, remove the chicken meat after 30mins – 1 hour, but replace the chicken bones in the soup.

4. After another hour, add in the fish sauce, salt and rock sugar (if more sweetness is required) to taste.

5. Sprinkle chopped up spring onions on the dished out chicken soup.

Note: For the busy individuals looking for a quick meal, 30 mins is sufficient for the soup to be tasty.  But in my case, 1) I’m using a 1/2 cooked chicken, so it’ll definitely take time for the flavor to seep into the soup; 2) I love my chicken really soft and tender.  Hence the need for a 3 hour-long simmer.

Enjoy your soup on it’s own or with pasta. My all time favorite: Bee Tai Mak (Bee Thye Mak) with the Chicken Soup.  Yum!

Well, the kids loved the soup.  Elise actually had a second helping!!! (How rare…)


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