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Homemade Fishball Noodle Soup

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I did it! I actually made my very own fishball.  Initially, I was very skeptical and wondered if I could actually pull off making my very own fishball!  But who knew it would be so easy!  It took me just 30 mins to get all the fishballs done…no kidding!!!  Frankly speaking, I had no idea what spurred me to want to make fish ball.  The idea just popped into my head when I was sitting around thinking about what to cook during my 3 weeks  “vacation”, and boy was I glad to have decided to try that!

I am really thankful to the 2 websites that I found namely: Hunger Hunger and this video from YouTube (Fish Ball Making).  These 2 sites provided invaluable information on the types of fish and the method of making the fishball.  I had a hard time looking for spotted mackeral or Tofu Fish (aka Yellow Tail) in the wet markets, but I was lucky enough to find Yellow Tail at the wet section of Shop and Save beside the market!  I was so excited when I found the fish that I just bought the largest fish in the shop!  But it was well worth it!  We enjoyed every bite of the fishballs and even the kids were loving it!  Escher finshed all 3 fishballs himself and had additional helping of noodles (another rare sight at my house).  Elise, had her entire bowl of fishball noodle soup (and it was definitely a large serving from her usual).  So all in all, I’m happy to be able to make the fishball and I’m pretty sure we won’t be buying commercially made fishballs in future.  You should try making them yourself too…it’s really not much extra effort!

Fish Ball recipe

400g meat of yellow tail
3/4 cup water (room temperature will do)
3/4 tablespoon salt


1. Scrap out the meat from the fish, separating the fish meat from the skin and bones.  Make extra effort to remove any bones if the fishmonger had not removed them.

2. Place 400g of fish meat in the blender/food processor, add water and blend until the fish meat becomes paste-like.

3. Add salt and with wet hands (have a bowl of water beside you and keep wetting your hands if the fish paste sticks to it), stir in the salt until evenly distributed.

4. Lift up the fish paste and slap it against the bowl.  Keep slapping the fish paste until it starts to form into a sticky lump (similar to dough that can be shaped into a ball).

5. Place a lump of fish paste in your palm and squeeze out the fish paste between your pointer and thumbkin (the space between your thumb and second finger).  Scoop up the lump with a spoon and drop it into cold water.

6. Soak the fish balls for at least 2 hours to enable the saltiness from the fish balls to diffuse into the water.  This will help prevent the fish balls from being too salty.

Can you see the bubbles oozing out from the fishballs ;p


Fish ball Noodle Soup Recipe

6 pieces of pork bones
Bones, fish head, fish tail, skin (remnants of the fish after making fish ball)
Fish sauce
Round Yellow noodles
Water Spinach (aka Kang Kong)
Bean Sprouts

1. Parboil the pork bones.

2. Place the parboiled pork bones with the fish remnants, add water and bring to boil.  Lower the fire to a simmer and let the stock simmer for about 2 hours.

3. Before serving, parboil the yellow noodles, water spinach and bean sprouts.  At the same time, bring the stock to a boil and drop in the fish balls.  Once the fish balls float to the surface, they are cooked.

4. Assemble the noodles, water spinach, bean sprouts, fish balls and pork bones into a bowl.

5. Add fish sauce and salt to the stock to taste.  Ladle the stock into the assembled bowls.

*drumroll*….your fish ball noodles are ready! Feast on them!




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