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New Year Rosti breakfast

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The Rosti breaky by the husband was Delish…even though the picture does not do it any justice!  But it was so easy and quick a breakfast fix that it made the New Year seem so much better (the kids had been throwing tantrums all morning…so unlike the Christmas morning)…

How quickly time flies by.  I remember getting all worried about my 3 weeks fiasco without having help, but now, in a flash of an eye, my good ol’ help is coming back.  These 3 weeks had made me realise something important about being a homemaker:

1) I’m not really cut out for it (maybe if I didn’t have a bun in the oven, it might have been better);
2) It’s important to be organised…which I am slowly picking up after 2.9 weeks of practice;
3) Spending time with kids is always worth the while…compared to spending time in front of the television.

So note to self: get rid of the tele and have fun with the kids!  They learn so much and pick up so many things when they’re doing it with you… Elise for once is helping out tremendously around the house – mopping, taking out the laundry, folding up her clothes!  I dare say that she’d grown so much more these past 3 weeks than in her past 3.5 years of life.  Well, I exaggerated, but I can so see the change in her recently.  Escher…what can I say…going into his terrible twos?

Anyway, I digress…the breakfast was amazing and having it made by the husband made it taste so much better!

Sunny-side up with Rosti and good ol’ pickles and grilled cheese sticks

3 large russet potatoes
1 egg
2 pickles


1. Skin and grate the potatoes.  Sprinkle salt over the potatoes and let sit on the table top for a couple of minutes.

2. Squeeze as much water out of the potatoes so that they are kept dry.

3. Drop a generous serving of butter into a non-stick pan and let the butter melt.  Add in the grated potatoes (do not overload the pan…just sufficiently cover the base of the pan) and let sit until you can smell the aroma of the potatoes.

4. Flip the rosti to the other side and let sit until you can easily remove the rosti from the pan.

5. Crack and egg into the pan.  Keep the yolk intake, or you’ll end up having a mangled “sunny-side up” like mine.

6. Cutting the Emmental cheese into sticks, let it melt slightly in the pan (it helps if you have high heat and keep turning the cheese stick in the pan. Don’t let it sit too long on one side).  Do not let it melt too much as that will result in a mess of cheese.

Here you go…a simple and quick breakfast that was enjoyed by the entire family.


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