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Strawberry Cake

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The first birthday of the Chong family for the year 2012 had just passed.  And to celebrate that, my mum baked her infamous Strawberry Cake that received tons of praises.  One of the guests had to savour every bite of the cake because he got the last piece of cake. was definitely a sight that should have been captured on video, but alas, I was too slow! Nonetheless, I wasn’t too slow at taking a picture of the cake (albeit it was after the candles were blown and the cake was about to be cut!)

The cake was made from scratch and had the freshest strawberries ever!  And I have to say that the decorations on the cake had improved tremendously since 2011.  Mum…you’re maing a huge progress!!! Keep it up! 2012 had just begun!  This cake is very light and was definitely a hit with all.

Now, guess who the birthday person was…



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