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Homemade Dumpling (水饺)


This idea came about when I saw my children’s childcare, Caelum Junior, plan to have the kids make Siew Mai during their cooking class for snack.  It also sparked some memory of my failed dumpling years ago.  It spurred me on to try making homemade dumplings again. This time, I looked up the recipe for both Siew Mai and Dumpling and compared the recipe before coming up with one that is a combination of the 2.  This is really to ensure that I can use the ingredients for both Dumpling and Siew Mai.  hehe…yeah the laziness in me decided that this would kill 2 birds with 1 stone =).

Of course, Elise really wanted to help me with making the dumplings, but the preparation was a great deal more challenging than it seemed, so I had to send her away to play with her brother, while my helper and I chucked at getting the meat filling ready for the wrapping of the dumplings.  Thank goodness, the meat filling took only about 30 mins with both us at it.  I have to thank Masak sedap! and this youtube video “Pork and Shrimp Siu Mai” for the wonderful recipes that enabled me to better my last attempt at making the dumplings.  These dumplings were alot more moist and tasty, a hit with my picky-eaters.

Homemade dumplings, 水饺

500 gm of minced pork
500gm of prawn
4 water chestnuts
3 mushrooms
40 pc of dumpling skins (not the ones for wantons)

For marinating the minced meat:

2 shallots
3 cloves of garlic
1 tb of soya sauce
1 ts of chinese wine
1/2 ts of corn flour
1 ts of salt
1 tb sesame oil

For marinating the prawn:

2 ts of corn flour
2 ts of salt


1. De-shell and de-vein the prawns.  Don’t throw the prawn shells away, keep them for the soup.

2. Wash and “clean” the prawn meat with half of the marinating ingredients above. Mix well, then wash the prawns thoroughly again.

3. Cut the prawns into small bite size pieces, then marinate the prawns with the remaining marinating ingredients again.  Next, dry the prawn bites.  Make sure that the prawn is as dry as possible.  This helps to keep the prawns crunchy.

4. Finely dice up the water chestnut, mushroom, shallots and garlic.  Add to the minced pork.  Similarly, add the remaining marinating ingredients to the minced pork and mix really well.  Once well mixed, add the “dried” prawn meat to the minced pork.  Mix well.  And while mixing, lift up the meat mixture and slam it against the bowl.  Do this several times until the meat starts to lump together and stick together.  This helps to make the meat springy (similar to the method used for making fishballs)

5. When the meat mixture is done, cling wrap it and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.  This helps to firm up the meat.  I only had time to put it in for 1 hour, but it turned out just as nice.

6. After at least 1 hour, take the meat mixture out of the fridge and get ready to wrap your dumplings.

7. Place 1 full teaspoon of meat mixture in the centre of the dumpling skins, wet the circumference of the dumpling skin with water then fold the dumpling skin over the meat and seal the “mouth” of the dumpling close.  Press the skin tightly against each other (but try not to tear the dumpling skin because the meat will fall when boiling)

8. Boil the broth using the prawn shells. When the soup boils, drop the dumplings into the boiling soup. Let boil for 2-3 minutes and it’s ready to eat!

Have it with noodles or on its own! Oh…so yummy!


Author: bugswana

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Dumpling (水饺)

  1. Wow, they look awesome! It’s a great idea to make it with soups. Glad we were able to inspire you a little 🙂 Which part of the world do you originally come from?

    • I’m from Singapore. I eat this all the time for lunch, it’s just that somehow I didn’t maange to make it right the last time. Your recipe gave me the extra ingredients missing from my last recipe. Hhhmmm…we had fun making and eating it just now! Thanks! Will be referring to your site more frequently to get inspiration! Thanks a mil!

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