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3D Thomas the Train Cake


I think my mum deserves a huge round of applause for creating this cake just by looking at a Thomas the Train toy.  She actually did this “free-hand”, without any cake moulds or any sort of help!  Kudos to her completely!  Escher was estatic to have a “Choo- choo- train” cake!  He was delighted, and of course could not wait to blow off the candles and cut the cake.  He even ate an entire piece of cake on his own…enjoying every single bit of the homemade cake!  Thank goodness he didn’t get a sugar rush and was able to settle straight into bed at 9pm that very night!

3D cakes are the way to go these days…they are not only pleasing to the eyes, but very challenging to cut out.  It’s a pity that I’m not a big fan of baking.  Or rather, I’m so poor at baking that  70% of the time, my cake/baked products come out short of successful.  I should definitely learn from my mum when it comes to baking, but I also believe that I don’t have a pair of baker’s hands.  Maybe I should just stick to making ice creams and savory food.  At least I have a better feel of the taste and flavors and success rates are definitely much higher.

More images of the beautiful cake below…



Author: bugswana

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2 thoughts on “3D Thomas the Train Cake

  1. It’s quite big a cake? Your mum is superb! Such cake costs more than 100 bucks outside for 3kg and above!

    Did escher realise the train is Edward and not Thomas? Hee

    • Oops…I thought it’s Thomas! hahaha…anyway, all he said was “Choo Choo train cake”…”mis choo choo train cake”. Yes he pronounces “mine” as “mis”

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