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Homemade potato crisps

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I love savory snacks!  In fact, it pains me that there’s so limited savory snacks at my home.  My husband and children are mostly sweet-food lovers, no let me take that back.  They are all snack lovers!!! Thankfully for that, I don’t get to finish a bag of potato chips or a cup of ice cream myself.  Yes I should be thankful for that, else I will be twice or triple my size.

I crave for snacks alot lately – hopefully it’s because I’m breastfeeding – but I’ve always had the issue with store bought snacks!  1) Too salty, 2) too flavorful, 3) full of MSG! So naturally, I’ll tend towards making my own snacks.  But making your own snacks is tiring…all the preparation, cleaning up etc…  When it comes to making potato chips, the biggest problem is the preparation.  Using the mandolin to get the chips to the exact thickness is a pain! And the pain comes in all forms because I never fail to cut myself with the mandolin too.  Sigh…yes…I’m quite careless.

My pain has been greatly reduced when I bought my food processor a few months ago.  In fact, having the food processor in my home has made things a lot easier, albeit the washing up does increase somewhat.  Just drop the food through the inlet and thin slices of potatoes are ready to be washed and fried! Technology is indeed amazing!

I decided to split the 4 potatoes into 2 batches – fried and baked.  The result of the baked potatoes – FAILED.  All the potato slices were burnt!  Thankfully the fried ones turned out decent and yummy enough for the family.  Phew…

Potato crisps

Salted water

1. Slice the potatoes really thinly with a mandolin (or in my case with a food processor).  My potato slices were 1.2mm thin.

2. Soak the potato slices in salted water for 15 mins.  This is to wash away the starch from the potatoes

3. Fill a pot sufficiently to deep fry the potato slices.  The temperature of the oil is important.  I didn’t have a thermometer, but a rough estimate is when you see the swirls forming in the oil.  Don’t let the oil boil, because that means the oil is way too hot and your potato slices with burn instantly.

4. Place the potato crisps on paper towel to soak up the excess oil.

Eat as you fry.  It’s best when freshly out of the bubbling oil ;p



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