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Since the arrival of little Emma, gardening seems so far away.  To be honest, since I was expecting Emma, I have not touched the plants in my garden.  Thank goodness for my wonderful and capable helper, that my garden still looks decent.  Hmm…let’s say that it’s been almost a year since I was actively gardening.  But the interest never did go away, not especially when you find some wonderful plants that’s worth your attention. ;p

Well, I got myself 10 Y-pipes to start planting vegetables.  Now, all I need to do is to get them all fixed up and ready for my little seedlings.  I got this idea after reading it from the NEA website.  This method is really to encourage HDB dwellers to start planting their own vegetables, but it got yours truly really excited!  So here I am, getting it ready for my spinach, lettuce and butterhead lettuce.  I seriously hope this will work.  This is especially so since all the vegetables that I previously grown were attacked by pests (argh…they’re so hateful).  Wish me luck =)


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