Clickin' Kitchen

Simple. Scrumptious. Succulent


I have a full life.  Full not because it’s fulfilling, but I have 101 things going on at the same time.  Well, not exactly at the same time, but in totality.  I’ve got:

1) A wonderful family
– 2 kids (and still counting…hopefully)
– a very busy but loving husband

2) A full time job

3) A household to manage

4) 2-3 business ideas that I’m hoping to manage and one day be able to launch

5) A very capable baker-mum whom I’m trying to help launch her baking career

6) An even more capable chef-grandmother whom I’m trying to help to launch her cook book

So as you can see, my life is indeed very full.  But every so often, I love to be able to cook, bake and modify existing recipes to bring some excitement into my family’s meals, not to mention some healthy foods onto to table.  For recipes that I find, I hope to modify it and share with all those cooking enthusiasts.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the same enjoyment in the kitchen as I do.  For others, yes, if the food does look appetising and you might be interested in ordering them, I’ll be happy to assist you with that.  Please feel free to drop me a note and we can work something out.  Sorry to folks who live overseas, my family and I are based in Singapore, so I’ll probably not be able to cater to your requests.  However, should I happen to move to your part of the world some day, I’ll be sure to inform you.

Meanwhile, enjoy life to the fullest, and try some of the recipes and see if they’re to your liking.