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Chilli Crabs

Chilli crabs are a must-try, must eat, when anyone visits Singapore.  Just the sound of  “Chilli Crabs” makes my mouth water.  Yet, eating crabs outside just doesn’t appeal to me.  Afterall, you have to get down and dirty by using your hands (to be able to fully enjoy the meal).  And it doesn’t help when I’ve got 1 toddler and 1 infant to have to manage during the meal.  So I figured, why not cook it at home?  Not only can you enjoy the wonderful-ness of the crabs at your own home, you don’t have to worry that your children are going to add to the mess of the crab.

So here the steps that you can take to enjoy your chilli crabs at home =).


Kill, wash, crack them and the crabs will be ready for the wok.  But before you start cooking, a few more things that you’ll need:


Start cooking…

First, fry the ginger, salted beans.  Then add chilli and crabs


Once the crab turns a bright orange, add in the remaining ingredients and you are ready to dig in!

Enjoy it with bread or rice…heck, they taste great just plain! Continue reading