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3D Thomas the Train Cake

I think my mum deserves a huge round of applause for creating this cake just by looking at a Thomas the Train toy.  She actually did this “free-hand”, without any cake moulds or any sort of help!  Kudos to her completely!  Escher was estatic to have a “Choo- choo- train” cake!  He was delighted, and of course could not wait to blow off the candles and cut the cake.  He even ate an entire piece of cake on his own…enjoying every single bit of the homemade cake!  Thank goodness he didn’t get a sugar rush and was able to settle straight into bed at 9pm that very night!

3D cakes are the way to go these days…they are not only pleasing to the eyes, but very challenging to cut out.  It’s a pity that I’m not a big fan of baking.  Or rather, I’m so poor at baking that  70% of the time, my cake/baked products come out short of successful.  I should definitely learn from my mum when it comes to baking, but I also believe that I don’t have a pair of baker’s hands.  Maybe I should just stick to making ice creams and savory food.  At least I have a better feel of the taste and flavors and success rates are definitely much higher.

More images of the beautiful cake below…



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Strawberry Cake

The first birthday of the Chong family for the year 2012 had just passed.  And to celebrate that, my mum baked her infamous Strawberry Cake that received tons of praises.  One of the guests had to savour every bite of the cake because he got the last piece of cake. was definitely a sight that should have been captured on video, but alas, I was too slow! Nonetheless, I wasn’t too slow at taking a picture of the cake (albeit it was after the candles were blown and the cake was about to be cut!)

The cake was made from scratch and had the freshest strawberries ever!  And I have to say that the decorations on the cake had improved tremendously since 2011.  Mum…you’re maing a huge progress!!! Keep it up! 2012 had just begun!  This cake is very light and was definitely a hit with all.

Now, guess who the birthday person was…



Elmo cake

So my mum had the tumulous task of baking an Elmo cake for cute Matthias whose favorite character is none other than Elmo.  Despite the busy weekend schedule we had, she churned up a really decent cake that is definitely worthy of a post =).  This is a seriously mean 3-D cake except for the mouth of Elmo.  But heck….as long as the birthday boy can recognise it, why fault the small mouth?  See how happy the birthday boy is?  He’s in a full Elmo gear!  Happy Birthday Matthias =)!!!

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Chocolate Wedding Cake

I have been down and out for as long as I can remember…I hate the feeling of nausea and being incapacitated…it makes me feel useless.  My face is devoid of smiles these days.  Thankfully, news of a surprise “wedding” came and that definitely brought a little smile to my listless face.  For a short (and I mean real short) moment, I actually felt some excitement in my fatigue and groggy body.  My mum has been tasked with baking a wedding cake for the surprise party and I had a brief moment of helping her design the cake.  Well, of course the ardous task of actually making it lies in her hands, all I did was to suggest some shapes and words…not too difficult for a weak mind and body of mine.  For a brief second, I felt like the “Cake Boss” on TLC.  It’s fun doing such things…more fun than staring at the computer trying to get some analyses to run for sure.  But then again, I’m not the one actually baking, so I can’t be too adventurous with the idea too.

It turned out wonderful…although I can’t say that the success is mine, but hey, I did provide some brain work right?  Can I claim say 5% of the success?  I sure hope so.  And I sure hope that the couple will like the cake as much as I’d enjoyed coming up with the idea.

Congratulations to my dearest cousin!  You deserve such happiness.  You two are the sweetest, funniest and hippiest couple I know. =) May God bless this union and we’ll see little Chars and Sols running around soon =).

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Chocolate Cake

Everyone likes a good chocolate cake.  However, I have not found many good chocolate cakes around.  I heard that Lana chocolate cake is to die for, but have not tried it myself.  Of those that I’ve tried, I used to think that Awfully Chocolate’s cake was one of the better ones.   But after I’d tried my mother’s chocolate cake, no cake has come close.  I’m saying this not because my mother baked the cake, but more because her cake is not TOO sweet!  Those cakes that you but from the cake shops tend to be 1) way to sweet (leaving you craving for a glass of water after eating it); 2) way too much cream (I think they should change the term cake to cream…like Chocolate Cream cake).

The good thing about this homemade chocolate cake is that it’s not too sweet, you actually do have cake to eat (since the cake is not slabbed with tons of cream), the cake is moist and lastly you can go for a second helping!!!  These are the requirements of a good chocolate cake.

The cake shown here is a prelude to the chocolate cake that would be baked for my cousin’s wedding in York, UK.


Yum is just the word to describe it!

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Tigger Cake

My son celebrated his 1 yr old birthday with a bang on April 2nd.  We had a wide spread for dinner, all homecooked!  There was 2 separate set of cuisine: Indian and Chinese.

Indian Menu:

Cabbage vege
Curry Fish

Chinese Menu:

Roast pork
Fried Shrimp
Chap-Cai (Hainanese style mixed vegetable)


Tong Shui
Kao Ding Kueh
Bua (Hainanese desssert which I will write about more when I get down to doing it again)
Taipoca Kueh

Cake: Tigger (this is actually the highlight of the post)

Since my son was born in the year of the Tiger, what better cake to make for him than his birth sign?  And better yet, he wore the same outfit as his cake!  Below was the cake that he got from my mother!

And here is the star of the show =)

Again, we’re taking cake orders for those interested.  Just email for more details.

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Family Tree Cake

My grandmother celebrated her 85th birthday on Vesak Day and what is a birthday without a cake?

While many people order their cakes from restaurants, pastry chefs, my family is lucky enough to have an avid baker who is constantly challenged to up her pastry skills.  This time, I challenged my mother to decorate a Family-tree cake for my grandmother and that was exactly what she did.

Since my grandmother married to a Chong, the Family-Tree consisted of the Chongs – meaning, all my grandmother’s 8 daughter and 1 son (my uncle), and my uncle’s family (wife and 4 children/grandchildren to my grandmother).  So that’s a lot of people or faces in the family to include on the cake. Nothing too difficult for my mother…so here’s the cake that she bakes:


This is just the decorations.  Wait till you hear what the inside of the cake is made up of:  2 layer fresh strawberry with fresh cream!  What better cake can anyone get?  Happy Birthday Ah Poh! Hope you love your cake bcause I think it’s wonderful!

Oh did I mention that we do take orders for cake?  If interested, please email for more information =)