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Tau Suan

I’m generally not a person with a sweet-tooth.  But there are days that I just feel like having something sweet, especially so when my meal was not satisfying.  Tao Suan is never a big hit with me, but that day, I just craved a bowl of steamy Tau Suan with the crispy You Jia Kueh (dough fritters).  It turned out a lot easier to make than I had initially envision.  So here it is.

The beans need to be soaked and steamed.  After which, the Tau is done!  You’re more than half way there!

Suan, that’s even simpler: Using the ingredients below, boil a pot of boiling water with some magical stir, your Suan will be sweet, thick and inviting.

Allow your Tau to your Suan to meet and the perfect matrimony will bring bliss to that craving mind and stomach!