Clickin' Kitchen

Simple. Scrumptious. Succulent


I love to cook, be it for my family or friends.  Cooking can be a very calming and relaxing activity – of course if you’re cooking for 100 people, there is no way you can be stress free.  But nonetheless, it gives me a sense of satisfaction (of course if the food turns out well) and gratification that work can’t.  In any case, I like to imagine that the food that I’ve prepared for my family and friends is healthy (of course it is, because I use fresh ingredients mostly), simple , but most importantly, it is injected with plentiful love.  Don’t look down on this “love” factor because the person eating the food can feel it…maybe “taste” is a better word.

Here, I’ve shared with you some wonderful processes that I’d taken with some food and not forgetting the recipes of others.  May you be inspired to cook a little more for those around you as well =)


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