Clickin' Kitchen

Simple. Scrumptious. Succulent


For those who like to get their hands dirty and plant their own flowers/plants/vegetables, welcome!  I was just like you not too long ago, but have since found such enjoyment that I’m all for planting your very own vegetables!  I’ve shared some of my experiences here with you so that we can all have yummy, healthy vegetables from our very own garden.  Although many of you might be living in your little apartment, but as long as there’s a pot, you can have your very own homegrown vegetables!  Albeit not a lot, but hey, nothing beats eating your own vegetables!  I long for the day where I can be self-sufficient in a certain variety of vegetables, but I do know that the day will never come, unless I move to a different place with a huge garden (that’s too expensive), or I migrate to another country (this is a possibility, but where in the world? I’m not too sure myself).

But for now, just join me in my quests to enjoy the goodness of your very own little backyard of greens =)


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