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Lady’s finger plant 2

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It’s official! My plant is ill, despite having bore me 3 fingers.

I’ve heard a friend (who has a PhD in orchid) say that the lady’s finger plant will wilt after bearing fruits.  I certainly hope this will not be the case for my plant.  But having said that, my plant is indeed ill and sickly.  Having bore these 3 beautiful fruits, I can sense that the plant is not doing well.

First, it is constantly attached by a really annoying insect that leaves white traces of dust-like circles on the underside of the leaf (despite me spraying the insecticide);
Second, the plant seems to be leaning grossly over to one side (it could be the result of the heavy rain that had been pouring down on us almost every night); and
Last, the leaves are not as green as they used to be.

Sigh…oh and better yet, I was told that my lady’s fingers are way too old for consumption!  Apparently, if they grow beyond a certain length, the fruit is considered “old”.  But oh well, these veges can’t be eaten anyway since they’ve been adorned with insecticide.  What I’m planning to do is to let them dry up and then use the seeds to grow more plants.  That’s my plan for these beautiful babies.

Hope you’re having more luck than me with your lady’s fingers plant!


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